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Feeling cold? Warm up with a mug of Chilean Navegado

We have definitely felt the shift into fall this past week here in Chile. The leaves are changing and the winter coats are coming out, but one thing is sure: it’s time to start thinking about navegado (or, as the Chileans say—Navega’o).

Never heard of it? Well it’s about time this Chilean classic is shared. It’s typically a winter drink, but can be enjoyed any time of the year if the weather’s right. The best navegado is made cheap and at home, preferably with a bonfire out back. Grab a guitar and your favorite friends and suddenly things are starting to warm up!

Making navegado is very easy, which is part of its charm!

Ingredients (portion size varies on how much you want, but this recipe will be for 1 bottle of wine):

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 bottle red wine
  • 3 oranges

NOTE: Some people like to also use cloves and cinnamon, but they are not necessary.


1. Start out with a pot big enough to hold the amount you want to drink (a soup pot is commonly used)

2. Slice the washed oranges

3. Bring the wine to a boil and stir in sugar (and cinnamon and cloves, if you so desire)

4. Add the sliced oranges

5. Leave on medium heat for about ten minutes

At this point, your navegado should be ready. Some of the alcohol will have evaporated, and at this point you have the option of burning off a bit more. This is not necessary, but it is quite fun! Simply light a match, hold it above the hot steam, and step back!


For this warm treat, we recommend using a base of Palo Alto Reserva 2007. It’s an affordable red blend that will provide everything you need for a delicious navegado; its vanilla, black currant and tobacco flavors will be the finishing touch for your classic Chilean pick-me-up!




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