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Special Guest Blogger Heikki Remes: Icons and Chilean icon wines

Wine Source Chile is very pleased to welcome Heikki Remes as this month’s guest blogger. Remes visited Chile and Argentina with Brandabout S.A. in 2010, and we are thrilled that he has agreed to share his knowledge on Chilean wine with us. We hope you enjoy Heikki’s blog as much as we do.

Icons and Chilean icon wines

Orthodox Cultural Center Sofia in Vuosaari in Helsinki was a noteworthy stage for a unique and multicultural meeting where culture, people and wines were together. Sofia is a place for people to meet and slow down.  It was also a positive, one of a kind duel with two Chilean winemakers and their wine creations.

Metropolitan Ambrosius, head of Orthodox Church in Helsinki, Capitol area of Finland, is broad minded and erudite person with humanity and culture. Metropolitan had invited Eduardo Tapia Riepel, Ambassador of Chile in Finland and a few other persons from national government, press and wine industry to spend some time with Chilean wines and with a lot of free discussions. Before gathering people had the opportunity to follow evening prayer in the chapel. Then Metropolitan Ambrosius welcomed participants and briefly told about the icons on sight.

Icon wine tasting starts

Then it was time to start with the tasting that could be called icon wine tasting owing to the icons and the premium wines from Chile. Marco Puyo, Chief Winemaker of Premium and Reserve Wines of San Pedro and Matias Fresno Rivera, Managing Director and Chief Winemaker of Santa Helena had brought three different wines to the tasting. Last two wines were ageless Parras Viejas and interminable Kankana. They represent absolut top of the wines of Chile. Top quality, personality and high prestige are attributes connected with icon wines. They are exceptional balanced and mature with aromas that have dept and lenght. Low profile and independent prestige earned by critics outside builts the image of icons. Most important is the wine itself, its excellence and upright.


Matias Rivera descripes his Parras Viejas as an ultimate expression of time.

The wine is the expression of a 100 year old Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard from Colchagua Valley. The vines were planted on 1910 and their yield is very low. Parras Viejas is a unique wine from Santa Helena with all of the characteristics from and old vine; many layers of aromas and flavors, lower alcohol level, higher acidity, freshness, volume, structure, great length and long finish. With fine tannins and big ageing potential. Great wine that reveals know how and vision of Matias and the richness in nuances that only time can create.

Marco Puyo descripes his Kankana as an ultime expression of terroir.

Marco’s goal is to constantly look for new and better terroir where to create high quality wines. So he launched the Origin Project for Ultra Premium wines, and after four years he could present his masterpiece Kankana.  Kankana is made on selection of grapes from special selected block of Syrah called Solar 10 in Elqui Valley, that is the northmost place to make wine in Chile. There Syrah grapes ripen under the mineral gleam of the Kankana, cold marine breezes and the magical evening of Elqui. The result is unique Syrah wine that is fruit driven, jammy, taste of endless layers of aromas and continuity that never stops.

After the tasting Metropolitan Ambrosius kindly invited all to his residence for open conversation. Talks about the wines continued with small supper and some Chilean wines. Great meeting, great wines and great experiences.



Text: Heikki Remes

Photos/Parras Viejas and Kankana: Eeva Remes

Photos/Sofia: Mikko Niemi





About Heikki Remes

Heikki Remes, an independent wine journalist from Finland, recently released his very successful fourth book—a reflection on Chilean wines combined with Finnish food (Nov 2011). He is very passionate about teaching average Finns about the stories behind wine and grape varieties, as well as about the art of pairing wine. He has published over 250 wine and food articles since 2003, which are distributed by a national article service to over 50 regional newspapers, covering 1.5 million readers in total. In addition, he is a Wine Lecturer at several Folk High Schools and companies, and organizes wine tastings for companies and wine professionals.



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