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Tasting Note: Villard Expression Reserve Pinot Noir 2011, Casablanca valley, Chile

I love Pinot Noir, and Chile has so much to offer with so many different expressions of Pinot Noir from different valleys.  Pinot Noir can be quite a difficult grape variety for winemakers both in the vineyard and in the winemaking process. All in all, Pinot Noir does best in cool climate areas as this maintains its delicate fruit structure and the important acidity to keep it well in balance.

The Casablanca valley is well known as one of the cooler valleys in Chile, and its from here I have chosen this week´s wine, from one of the smallest producers and one of the first to plan in the Casablanca valley, Villard Estate.  In the Casablanca valley, while morning can be misty, during the afternoon, cool winds blow through the valley keeping the vines cool from the intense sun.

Today I tasted Villard Estate Expression Reserve Pinot Noir 2011, Casablanca Valley, Chile

Bright pale ruby red in colour with quite intense aromas and flavours of raspberries, red cherries, and some savoury notes of bacon, and a touch of spice.  Lovely intensity of the fruit flavours, with soft and delicate tannins  and ta refreshing.

This is a lovely wine to drink on its own or perhaps with some strong cheeses and cured meats, or more delicate meat dishes such as pork.  Pinot Noir is really quite delicate, so you need to think of dishes that would not be too overpowering.  Its still quite young, and you can choose to drink it now, or allow it to evolve a bit more during the next 5 years (if you can wait!)

Conclusion:  A really nice example of Pinot Noir from the Casablanca valley and from a small producer giving you something different to try and explore.

Jane Nisbet Huseby

Chief Editor, Wine Source Chile






Price: approx. 13 – 16 USD per bottle

Retailer near you:  ask us and we will certainly find out!




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