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Inspiration: Top Chilean wines for Dad this Father’s Day

Pope John XXIII allegedly once claimed that “men are like wine- some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age”. While not all wines necessarily improve with age, your father certainly does, and as we approach Father’s Day 2013, we recommend getting that special guy in your life a nice bottle of wine to enjoy.

As it’s a special occasion, we felt our dads may have merited a bottle with a slightly higher price tag.  For that reason, we’re going to focus particularly on some of our favourite aged, vintage and iconic wines from our client vineyards. Furthermore, we appreciate that even though all dads are awesome, not all are akin. Therefore, we’ll let you decide which of our hand-picked chosen three honourably match the type of dad you have.

Montes Purple Angel Carmenere 2006, Colchagua Valley

Don’t let the feminine name put you off when you present this to your dad on Father’s Day. The Montes Purple Carmenere boasts the title of one of the best premium wines from the famous Apalta Valley, nested within the Colchagua Valley. It is a fine representation of a powerful wine and of Chile’s signature grape, the Carmenere varietal which was famously re-discovered here in Chile in 1994. This wine mirrors everything that we see in our dads: great complexity and character which arguably improves with age. Therefore, whether your father decides to crack it open this Sunday or leave it until another special occasion, fret not, as this wine can be stored in a cool place, allowing it to continually develop for the next 5-10 years. Not convinced still? Well as a testament to the high-quality of this deep purple-coloured wine, Montes Purple Angel Carmenere 2006 was the same type that President Obama and the First Lady drank when they visited the Presidential Palace in 2011. This iconic wine with its cigar aromas coupled with delicate hints of chocolate, pairs exquisitely with a variety of meat dishes. Whether it be a delicious open flame-grilled barbecue, slow-cooked tender lamb or with a good cut of sirloin steak, this wine will compliment all! So if your dad is a meat-lover, Montes Purple Angel Carmenere is sure to go down well with dad this Sunday.

Seña 2006, Aconcagua Valley

Rich in taste and heritage, the successful joint venture between Chilean Eduardo Chadwick (from the Errazuriz vineyard) and leading Californian vineyard operator, Robert Mondavi has crafted Seña into a beautiful and iconic Chilean red wine. It is both elegant and complex, created with the finest blend of five of Chile’s best grape varieties, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. It is characterised by its deep violet/ruby colour and fresh fruit, blueberry and raspberry notes are evident in this blend, alongside tobacco and black pepper aromas. A specially selected site situated in the beautiful Aconcagua Valley, a mere 1.5 hours north of Santiago sees its vines grown according to particular biodynamic principles. Therefore, this meticulously-crafted prized wine is definitely a favourite in the world of wine collectors not only due to its high-quality, but when stored correctly, it will keep for an impressive length of time. We recommend this wine for fathers who enjoy the finer things in life and are partial to the odd bit of luxury-living. Seña 2006 is sure not to disappoint!

Antiyal 2009, Maipo Valley

Álvaro Espinoza is claimed to be one of the leading winemakers of South America today, dedicating himself to biodynamic winemaking. He is also the driving-force behind the exquisite Antiyal 2009, a wine which integrates both wood, dark red fruit and raspberry notes. It is very easy to drink due to its softly textured palate and strong complexity.  Therefore, with regards to taste, the Antityal 2009 is second to none. This wine hails from the Antiyal vineyard, stretching over a small area of 10 hectares situated in the famous Maipo Valley. Nestled deep in beside the foothills of the Andes, the Antiyal vineyard boasts excellent soil, altitude and climate determinants. Therefore the terroir grants the Antiyal vineyard with an optimum growing environment. With its organic blend of 41% Carmenere, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon and 24% Syrah, it is complex and rich in flavour with a good acidity level. Antiyal 2009 is often referred to as Chile’s first “garage wine”, a term used to describe high-quality, pricier wines which are produced in small quantities. It is crafted using environmentally-friendly methods of production. So if your dad is the type of guy likes to be kind to the environment, and is ecologically-aware, he is sure to appreciate an organic and biodynamic gift such as a bottle of Antiyal 2009.

So the choice is yours! Select the most suitable wine to make this year’s Father’s Day unforgettable.

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