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Chilean wineries celebrate South Korea as best price per case for quality wines

The wine map of top export destinations of Chilean wines is rapidly changing as markets in Asia catch on to the quality wines from Chile.  In less than a year, South Korea has become the 10th most important market for exports of Chilean wines, according to recent results released by Vinos de Chile.

While the UK  remains in top position with Chilean wine exports worth 111 million USD, South Korea has overtaken the position of Germany (19.6 million USD) with an amazing 21.3 million USD buying 520,901 cases during the first 7 months of 2013.  The average price per case (9 litres) for exports to  South Korea (40.94 USD) is higher than any other market, overtaking Canada (40.62 USD), the USA (29.14 USD) and the UK (23.69 USD).

Jane  Nisbet Huseby, Managing Director of Brandabout, an international wine marketing company based in Santiago commented “This is extremely good news for Chile.  We have been closely following the development of the Asian markets and our focus on bringing wine experts from South Korea to visit Chile has been extremely successful.  South Koreans are very open and educated and they are not afraid to try new things.  This has been very important for the positioning of quality wines from Chile.”

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