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Book Review: The Wine Bible – an ideal Christmas gift or Birthday present!

Editor´s Blog: by Jane Nisbet Huseby, Chief Editor, Wine Source Chile

BOOK REVIEW:  The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil, Workman Publishing, New York

For those of you interested in learning some more about wine, but not quite sure where to start, Karen MacNeil´s “The Wine Bible” is a very good place to start.  Although the book is quite thick, with a lot of content, don´t be put off.  Karen has such a fantastic way of explaining things, and she breaks down wine jargon into everyday-speak , which means that you can happily delve in and out of the book at your leisure.  She gives a pretty good overview of the world wine scene, with some great tips on which producers to look out for from key wine regions, and I also love all the maps and labels that she has included so you know what to look out for.  Lastly but not least, I love that it´s a paperback, which means it is not too heavy to stuff it in your bag as you jump on that plane on your travel adventures!!

Happy Reading!


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