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Study finds 73 vineyards offering wine tours in Chile

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                 In Chile 73 vineyards now offer tourism services in one form or another, be it tours, restaurants or hotels, according to a joint study between the Chilean state tourism ministry Sernatur, +M Consultures and Wines of Chile, which also found growth considerable growth in the number of international visitors taking tours.

Overall, the study found that the offer of tours at vineyards has grown 14% compared to 2010.

The Maipo Valley, known for its full bodied reds has the most varied offer with 22 vineyards open for tourism. In particular the High Maipo –which includes the municipalities of Peñalolen, Puete Alto, Pirque, Buin and Paine, made up for 15 of these.

Following Maipo are the valleys of Casablanca, just west of the Chilean capital of Santiago with the country’s bulk of white wine and the Colchagua Valley, to the south, both with 13 offers.

Of the 72 vineyards open to the travel industry and general public, 14 have restaurants and 11 a boutique hotel or residence, and 38% belong to an established wine route, a point which the subsecretary of tourism Daniel Pardo points out shows greater coloboration.

“We have been working with all of the entities related to wine, highlighting the importance of associating and coordinating, to make the management more efficient, add greater support and also save capital,” Pardo said in a statement issued by Sernatur.

In terms of tourists, in 2012 503,004 tourists paid for a tour, which is a 47% increase over 2010. The average value of a regular tour in the vineyards is CLP$14,314 (US$26.87). Of this group 79.2%, or 398,319 were international gusts.

Within this segment, Brazilian tourists have shown the greatest showing on wine tours, in 2012 accounting for 44.8% of these international visitors. US visitors followed, with a 12.8% share or 50,912 visits.

As per earnings, vineyards saw revenue of more than CLP$10B pesos (US$18.7M). Of this amount 41.8% came from wine store sales, while the rest is the value of the tour plus income from restaurant or hotel services.

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Link to original article by Sernatur (Spanish Language)

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