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The latest in Chile from our Editor, Jane Nisbet Huseby.

  • Ventolera Litoral Sauvignon Blanc, Leyda Valley 5 August 2014

    Chilean Sauvignon Blanc – what to expect and 5 wines you must try!

    When buying Sauvignon Blanc, the most common wines that perhaps come to mind are Sancerre from France or perhaps New Zealand.  But when you pick up a bottle of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, what can you expect to find?

    Sauvignon Blanc, one of th…

  • Michael Cox 1 24 February 2014

    Michael Cox UK head of Wines of Chile passed way peacefully at home on Thursday evening.

    As tributes continue from across the wine trade, the Chilean wine industry bows its head to honour one its greatest ambassadors, the highly admired and respected Michael Cox, European head of Wines of Chile who sadly passed away on Thursda…

  • WOC Natural choice baja res 2 December 2013

    Winners of the Annual Wines of Chile Awards 2013

    Editors Blog: Jane Nisbet Huseby Monday 2 December 2013

    One of the highlights of the year, Friday night was the finale of the Annual Wines of Chile Awards held in Santiago, Chile.   A gathering of some of the major players in the Chilean wi…

  • The Wine Bible 21 November 2013

    Book Review: The Wine Bible – an ideal Christmas gift or Birthday present!

    Editor´s Blog: by Jane Nisbet Huseby, Chief Editor, Wine Source Chile

    BOOK REVIEW:  The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil, Workman Publishing, New York

    For those of you interested in learning some more about wine, but not quite sure where to s…

  • HarasMaipo4 28 August 2013

    Cabernet Sauvignon + Maipo Valley = match made in heaven

    Editor´s Blog: Jane Nisbet  Huseby, 28 August 2013

    The Maipo valley in Chile has long been recognized for the fantastic quality of its Cabernet Sauvignon.  In my blog this week, I wanted to explore this a little with you and dive into the

  • jane foto blog 19 June 2013

    Editors Blog: Focus on the Casablanca Valley: Ideal for cool-climate wines

    Editors Blog: by Jane Nisbet Huseby, Chief Editor, Wine Source Chile

    The Casablanca valley, known now for its cooler climate, is probably one of the better-known wine valleys on the international wine market scene today.  Back in the lat

  • imgres 30 May 2013

    MOVI Wines – Touched by human hands


    EDITORS BLOG: A few days ago I had an utterly inspiring experience.  I was with two of our visiting wine experts from Asia and we were invited home to apartment of Charlie Villard, owner of Villard winery with his father Thierry Villa

  • Editor’s Blog: Navigating Chilean wine labels – do you need a GPS?! 10 April 2013

    Editor’s Blog: Navigating Chilean wine labels – do you need a GPS?!

    Choosing the right wine can be a difficult task, for any occasion.  Not only do you have to think red or white, which wine region, which wine producer, which wine variety, but you also have to decipher the other information on the label with w…

  • jane foto blog 26 March 2013

    Editor’s Blog: Syrah & Lamb: The Perfect Blend

    Writing this in Northern Europe, on Easter vacation battling with temperatures below zero, I am dreaming of Spring and warmer weather. Springtime for me signifies the return of warmer weather, birds nesting in our roof and cherry blossom …

  • jane foto blog 13 February 2013

    Editor’s Blog: My Love for Chile – Top 5

    There is no better or more fitting week than that of Valentines Day to share my Chile top 5 with you – those moments that made me fall in love with Chile and show what it is about this country that just seems to get under your skin!

    To outsiders, C…

  • jane foto blog 6 February 2013

    Editors Blog: Wine Advocate rattles a few cases with his first Chilean wine evaluation

    Neal Martin, from eerobertparker.com rattles a few cases with his first Chilean wine evaluation, but could it be that he really is just witnessing the first real signs of the metamorphosis of the Chilean Wine Industry?

    In 2012, we saw a chan…

  • jane foto blog 11 December 2012

    Welcome to Wine Source Chile

    Where do you find out about Chilean wines?  Many of us have been asking the same question – and we work in the industry! How can I find out about upcoming Chilean wine events or search more information about the latest D.O. changes in Chil…

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