• 23 August 2013

    UK/GAZETTE & HERALD: Why it´s worth choosing Chilean wine

    Mike Tipping, wine journalist from the Gazette & Herald in the UK wrote an interesting article this week on his recommendations for continuing to choose Chilean wines stating “VINO from Chile is… quite often very good.”

    A obvious fan of Chilean wines, he says he usually orders Chilean wine in a restaurant or bar,  unless he is eating in an Argentinian steak house!…

  • 26 June 2013

    Errázuriz winner at South Korean blind tasting

    Earlier this month, South Korean wine critics, sommeliers and members of the wine trade blind-tasted selected vintages from Bordeaux vineyards and Vina Errázuriz which resulted in a magnificent win for the Chilean wine industry. Errázuriz’s Don Maximiano Founder’s Reserve 2009 took first place and the 1997 vintage of Seña enjoyed the runner-up position at the event.…

  • 7 June 2013

    Canada: Natalie Maclean recommends Errazuriz Sauvignon Blanc 2010 this week!

    Natalie Maclean, one of Canada’s most well-known wine writer, chose Errazuriz Estate Sauvignon Blanc, 2010 from Coastal Aconcagua to be featured in her blog this week. Noting the lovely citrus-infused flavours, and refreshing acidity, Natalie recommends this wine as the perfect aperitif or accompaniment to seafood, vegetarian dishes and salads.…
  • 27 May 2013

    Brazilian wine experts on Chile: We need to see more of your high quality wines in Brazil

    Wine Source Chile recently had the pleasure of meeting two of Brazil’s most respected wine journalists, Joao Lombardo and Cristiana Couto, after another successful visit to Chile´s wineries organized by Brandabout S.A. Lombardo and Couto both contribute to Folha de Sao Paolo, one of Brazil’s most circulated newspaper, as well as participating in their own separate wine projects.…

  • 20 May 2013

    Special Guest Blogger Dermot Nolan: Aconcagua

    Wine Source Chile is thrilled to welcome Dermot Nolan Irish Master of Wine as this month’s Guest Blogger. Dermot visited Chile and Argentina with Brandabout S.A. in 2010 and we are honoured that he has agreed to share his knowledge on Chilean wine with us.…

  • 10 May 2013

    Errázuriz vineyards take top three in the first Berlin Tasting of Dubai

    On May 2nd, 2013, over 40 wine specialists congregated in the Armani Hotel to participate in the first ever Berlin Tasting to be held in Dubai.  It was a successful day in Chilean wine history: Seña, Don Maximiano and Viñedo Chadwick took six of the top ten winning spots.…

  • 30 April 2013

    Brandabout S.A. welcomes top Asian wine experts June Lee and Vivien Chen to Chile and Argentina

    Tomorrow top Asian wine experts June Lee (food & wine writer for Peak Gourmet & Travel Magazine, Singapore, right) & Vivien Chen (wine journalist, Taiwan, left) will begin their 12 day visit to over 11 Chilean and Argentinean vineyards with Brandabout S.A.…

  • 23 April 2013

    Wine Source Chile Guest Blog: Stuart George – Errázuriz Manzanar Estate, Aconcagua Valley, Chile

    Wine Source Chile welcomes Stuart George, Wine writer and sought after wine competition judge, for his second post as our Guest Blogger this month. This week, he profiles Errázuriz and their cool climate wine ambitions.




    Errázuriz Manzanar Estate, Aconcagua Valley

    The journey into Errázuriz’s Manzanar Estate is not for the faint-hearted.…

  • 23 April 2013

    Inspiration: Spring into Summer with 5 refreshing Chilean wines

    We’re all glad to see that the weather is finally picking itself up in the northern hemisphere. Spring definitely looks like it is on its way! Flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and our spirits are rising. What with it being Earth Week, this week Wine Source Chile is dedicating itself to give you the low-down on Chilean wines that are sustainable, organic, and biodynamic.…

  • 10 April 2013

    Chilean Wine: Keeping ahead in the UK Market

    Wine Source Chile is thrilled to welcome Stuart George, Wine writer and sought after wine competition judge, as our Guest Blogger this month. In his first blog for Wine Source Chile he shares his views on the success of Chile, and what Chilean vineyards need to do now to keep ahead in the UK market.…

  • 7 March 2013

    Prowein: 24-26 March visit the Chilean wineries!

    Visit more than 20 featured Chilean vineyards in Wine Source Chile in Prowein 2013!

    Prowein 2013: March 24-26 Düsseldorf, Germany

    More than 20 featured vineyards in Wine Source Chile are ready to present you with their latest wine releases and vintage reports at their stands in The New World Pavilion (Hall 1) which has direct access from the south entrance in Prowein 2013.…

  • 1 February 2013

    Jane Mac Quitty from the Times “It’s Chile’s time to shine”

    Acclaimed wine writer Jane MacQuitty has sung the praises of Chilean wine writing in her recent article for The Times newspaper.

    In a blind taste test of various global wines in London, run by Santa Rita, the “silky bramble-liqueur and green-pepper fruit” 2010 Carmen Gold Reserve from Alta Maipo and Errazuiz’s 2008 Seña, carrying a “sweet, creosote, cassis and mint charge”, featured highly in her international ranking.…

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