General: Within the Rapel Valley, are two of the most well known Chilean wine valleys,  the Cachapoal Valley in the north and the Colchagua Valley in the South.

Cachapoal Valley is situated approximately 120 km. south of Santiago city at the Northern end of the Rapel Valley.

Climate: Mediterranean with hot dry summers (up to 32 degrees Celsius) and cool winters with moderate rainfall and a vast difference between day and night average temperatures. The valley is influenced by the high Andes Mountains in the East and the Pacific Ocean in some areas towards the West, creating microclimates.

In the higher areas nearer the Andes mountain called “Alto Cachapoal”, there are big differences in temperature between day and night, helping the production of fresh, concentrated and elegant wines, Cabernet Sauvignon being the grape variety which has the highest quality. In the lower parts, around “Peumo”, the average temperature is higher allowing for long maturation periods, so the grapes mature without the vegetable notes, this condition is very important for the Carménère grape variety, which needs a long hot season to ripen well, the wines are fruity, concentrated and with sweet tannins.

The valley receives approximately 340 mm. of rainfall per year concentrated during the winter months.

Soils: Very fertile, medium depth, and composed of riverbed material, stones, and in some areas, clay.

Varietals (hectares)

  • Cabernet Sauvignon (3.756)
  • Carménère (1.538)
  • Merlot (1.431)
  • Chardonnay (813)
  • Syrah (656)
  • Sauvignon Blanc (584)



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