General: Maipo valley is recognized internationally as a top producer of quality red wines. The first icon wines from Chile are from this valley. Here the best red wine grapes grow, known for needing much sunlight. 75% of grapes cultivated here are for red wines, with the structured and full body Cabernet Sauvignon being the local star.

Maipo is a large and diverse valley located close to Santiago, it is one of the most traditional valleys of Chile and has produced wines since the mid-nineteenth century.

The Maipo Valley is well protected, as it lies between the Andes and Coastal mountain ranges, is divided into 3 distinct sectors: “Alto Maipo”; closest to the Andes, “Maipo Central”; along the valley floor and “Maipo Bajo” in the sector closest to the Pacific Ocean.


Climate: Mediterranean, warm days and cold nights. Hot dry summers and cool winters with moderate rainfall (330 mm.) concentrated between April and September. Vast differences between day and night average temperatures. There is an influence of the high Andes Mountains in the east and the Pacific Ocean in some areas towards the west:

Maipo Alto: Is a Andes area, located in the upper reaches of the valley, with an average height of 800 meters, has a cooler climate and produce the greatest temperature differences between day and night (but could be more than 20 º C), has low humidity and high insolation which allows healthy grapes allowing organic production and the proper maturity grapes. Here produce structured wines with high tannins.

Maipo Central: Is the sunniest area of Maipo, which is located approximately 550 meters above sea level. Is warmer with less temperature difference day/night respect to Maipo Alto. The heat and the sun makes the grapes ripen earlier, resulting in wines with great color and ripe red fruit notes. This is the place where the red wines mature to be fruity and silky.

Maipo Bajo: Is an area with less vineyards due to its proximity to the coastal mountains, known for wines with pronounced acidity. Is located 300 meters above sea level. Is on both side of Maipo River, which receives fresh breeze. Produces fresher wines with kind and sweet tannins.

Soils: Medium sandy and deep, good drainage and average fertility with local variations due to micro-climatic conditions. Alto Maipo with piedmont soils, Maipo central alluvial soils and Maipo bajo has a stony soil with good permeability.

Varietals (hectares)

  • Cabernet Sauvignon (6.172)
  • Merlot (1.060)
  • Chardonnay (1.012)
  • Syrah (891)
  • Carménère (771)
  • Sauvignon Blanc (671)
  • Cabernet Franc (255)



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