General: It is located at the southern end of the long Central Valley, approximately 260 km south of Santiago.  The Maule Valley is the largest producing valley in Chile, with approximately 40% of the country’s total plantations. It is one of the most geographically most diverse valleys in Chile with areas towards the Pacific, Inter Andes-Pacific and Andes regions.

Here mainly red and white wines are grown, with Carignan taking increased prominence lately. Although the wine story from Maule is over 300 years old, this valley has undergone a resurgence in only the last five years.

The proximity to rivers affects the wine production in this area, noted as being more fruity than those grown in the hillsides.
In this valley the wine production is using dry farming and we can find very old vines there, conducted in “head” system, unlike most other vineyards in the country where the system is almost always “trellis”.
This valley is where we can find the real Chilean Huaso from Chile, where the tradition and culture of Chile is alive and where the wine production is part of the tradition of the area. It is very common for families to make their own homemade wine, without the technology but making authentic beverages made from grape wine and spirits, as Chicha and Pajarete (is a kind of sweet red wine).

Climate: Mediterranean sub-humid throughout with variations in the different sectors. The Pacific section has high temperatures and lower rainfall (average 700 mm per year); while closer to the Andes, they have up to 1000 mm per year of rainfall. There is also a large temperature difference between day and night. The area features a hot dry summer which allows for a long growing season.

Soils: There is a broad range of soil types through out the valley, alluvial in origin and volcanic.

Varietals (hectares):

  • Cabernet Sauvignon (13.418)
  • Chardonnay (4.451)
  • País (2.916)
  • Sauvignon Blanc (2.060)
  • Merlot (1.968)
  • Carménère (1.809)
  • Syrah (1.013)
  • Carignan (332)




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