San Antonio/Leyda

General: Located 105 km from Santiago and just 4 Km from the Pacific Ocean. This coastal valley is the closest to the sea and one of  the smallest wine valleys in Chile.

Valle San Antonio is one of the newer wine regions of Chile. Just ten years old, high quality wines are being made here with increasing success.

San Antonio has four sub-regions: Lo Abarca, Rosario, Malvilla and Leyda.

This valley is well known for first producing high quality white wines and Pinot Noir. The wines from this area are crispy, with lively acidity, minerals, and are full of freshness.

This valley has captured the interest of all the Chilean vineyards, increasing vineyards plantations by 400% last year.

Climate: A cooler coastal climate (max 25 degrees Celsius in summer), with high luminosity and very little frost. Some vineyards are only 4 km from the sea. The valley provides ideal conditions for cool weather varietals, with longer ripening periods and crisper acidity.

Soils: Clay calcareous with granite, low fertility, adequate permeability.

Varietals (hectares):

  • Chardonnay (124)
  • Sauvignon Blanc (98)
  • Pinot Noir (80)
  • Merlot (8)
  • Syrah (5)
  • Gewurztraminer (3)
  • Sauvignon Gris (3)




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