Wine Varietals

Total Vineyard Area: 116,793 hectares.

Total Red Varietes: 88,325 hectares.

Total White Varietes: 28,468 hectares.

Chile is the 8th largest producer in the world and the 5th largest exporter after Italy, Spain, France and Australia. It exports 70% of its wine production making it the world’s most globalized wine industry.

Over 20 varieties of mostly French and Spanish grapes are grown in Chile, with more and more wineries experimenting with new varieties and regions.

The most widely grown variety is Cabernet Sauvignon, which is increasingly impressing critics worldwide with its distinct Chilean style. Of the white varieties Sauvignon Blanc is the most widely produced proving a hit worldwide for its fresh crisp flavours. However, Chile is seeking and experimenting with new varieties more and more and producing some great wines.

Check out the different varieties available, find out where they are from, how they taste and be inspired to try something new! Salud!


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