Description: Chile’s flagship variety being the only country to produce it after it was lost during the phylloxera attack during the 1800`s. Great stuctureand colour, with particularly well rounded tannins.

Origin: Bordeaux

Hectares: 9 502 ha, it is 5th in terms of production.

Requirements: Needs lots of sun and heat to mature, if it can not reach maturity the wine can have unwanted green notes.

Valleys: Has shown good results in Chile particularly in warmer zones of the Cachapoal, Colchagua and Maule valleys.


Tasting notes:

Colour: Most have a deep ruby colour.

Aromas: Red fruit aromas and spices, black & white pepper. Some have green pepper notes, but if maturity is reached, these notes are combined with ripe red fruit and a touch of chocolate.

Palate: If produced from perfectly ripened grapes, has a fruity flavour (plums, cherry and raspberry) with smoky, spicy and earthy tones. It also has dark choclate, tobacco and leather characteristics.

Empanadas Chile’s national food.Pairing: What characterized Carménère  is its spiciness and medium-body, so great to accompany:

  • Spicy food, it has been marketed as the perfect pair to Indian curry.
  • Cold meats (ham, roast beef, pastrami).
  • Pastas with robust sauce
  • Stews
  • Rice dishes (risotto, paellas).


Wine Source suggests:

Chilean Empanadas.

Lamb Tikka Massala









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