Description: Although Argentinean Malbec is recognised globally. Chile is producing good quality Malbec, with a fruitier less robust style which makes it an enjoyable easy drinking wine. 

Origin: South West France.

Hectares: 1 489 ha

Requirements: Need a relatively high amount of heat and sun to mature and with very different day to night temperatures-

Valleys: High quality Malbec being produced in Colchagua and San Antonio valleys..

Tasting notes: 

Colour: Deep dark ruby red to inky black.

Aromas: Berries, cherries & plums.

Palate: Medium body, crisp acidity, cherries, black berries, plum, black pepper, chocolate and eathy notes.

Pairing: Needless to say a juicy Argentinean steak is the perfect complement to a robust Malbec. But As easy as it is to it also pairs well with: 

  • Rich red meat dishes
  • Robust Italian pastas and sauces
  • Barbequed pork
  • Spicy food

Wine Source suggests:

Marinateed flank steak

Beef bourguignon


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