Pinot Noir

Description: Has less colour and tannins than other red grape varieties. it is light-bodied as it is a thin-skinned grape and the colour and astringency in the wines is due to polyphenols which are located in the skin of the berries. It also can be vinified as white wine to produce excellent Champagne. 

Origin: Burgundy

Hectares: 1,413 it is the 7th most produced variety and increasing.

Requirements: Shows best results in cooler areas. Clay soils. Drink at a cooler temperature (ideally 14ºc) to other red wines.

Valleys: Has shown good results in Casablanca, San Antonio and Bio-Bio valleys.


Tasting Notes: 

Colour: In most cases ruby to light ruby, depending on the extraction during wine-making process.

Aromas: Can range from fruity (strawberries, blackberries, plums) or many flowers (rose, violet, lavender) to leather, truffle and wild mushrooms.

Palate: Characterized by a lower amount of tannins and a light-bodied but elegant and refined. Its flavours are reminiscent of sweet red berries, plums, tomatoes, cherries and at times a noticeable earthy or oaky flavour.

Pairing: Pinot Noir can be a fruity and fresh red wine or a complex and elegant wine, depending where the grapes are from and how the wine was vinified. 

Great to accompany:

  • Fatty fish (salmon and tuna)
  • Cold and hot soup (gazpacho)
  • Cold meats
  • Pastas with tomato or mushroom sauce
  • Salad with chicken or red meats (duck, pork)
  • Japanese food.


Wine Source suggests:

Summer Gazpacho

Roast Duck












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