Sauvignon Blanc

Description: Dry, elegant, fine, balanced white wine with a high level of freshness, stimulating the palate with its crisp and fresh feel. Enjoy while young to appreciate the aromas and fruit expression. 

Origin: Central or South West France.

Requirements: It prefers cold areas where the vines can mature slowly  and produce and maintain aromas. Soils of medium to insufficient fertility.

Valleys: In Chile, this grape is mainly grown in Casablanca where it has more tropical notes, San Antonio (Crispy) and Limarí Valley (mineral)

Hectares: 8,697 – It is the 2nd most highly produced variety in Chile.



Tasting notes: 

Colour: is usually yellow and in some cases with green or golden notes

Aromas: Can range from herbal notes such as grass or asparagus to tropical notes like pineapple. But it always has a citric profile.

Palate: Typically a light to medium-bodied, crisp, dry and refreshing with notable acidity. It has a wide range of flavours: Tropical, herbals, floral and vegetative flavour.


Pairing: Sauvignon Blanc stimulates the palate with its crisp and fresh feel. Great as an appetizer or accompanied by:

  • Spicy food: the acidity of Sauvignon Blanc refreshes the palate paired with foods such as (Curry, Asian foods, Chili flavours).
  • Salty or mineral foods: Oysters and olives are best matched with acidic wines.
  • Acidic foods or dressings: Ceviche and sea-food in general.



Wine Source suggests:

Squid Ceviche

Thai curried prawns with salad







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