Description: The rising star in Chile. It is very versatile and its expression is very different depending on the climate where it is grown. Great for ageing. Intense colour, very aromatic, complex, tannins and not too acidic. 

Origin: Côtes-du-Rhône

Hectares: 6 887, it is 6th in terms of production.

Requirements: So versatile can adapt to hot and cold climates and also high altitude. And yields quality results from all areas.

Valleys: Showing good results from hot areas (Colchagua, Maipo and Aconcagua), cold climate areas (Casablanca, Limari) and high altitude areas (Elqui).

Tasting notes: 

Colour: Most have a deep ruby colour.

Aromas: When it is a young wine has an intense aroma of flowers (violets), ripe fruit (cassis and plum) and smoky notes. When aged in oak there are notes of animals, leather, black olives and sweet notes of (chocolate, vanilla) from the oak.

Palate: Warm climate Syrah is structured and voluptuous on the palate. Cold climate Syrah has mineral expression, freshness and fruitiness.

Pairing: Food pairing depends on whether it is cool climate or warm climate Syrah. 

With warm climate Syrah try:

  • Meats such as Chilean asado, beef.
  • Game (wild boar, deer and rabbit).

Accompany the freshness and minerality of cool climate Syrah with:

  • Spicy foods
  • Sausages
  • Strong cheeses
  • Cold meats (ham, roast beef, pastrami).

Wine Source suggests:

Humitas Chilenas (Savoury corn baked in their husks delicious with Chilean pebre)

A juicy cut of beef with black pepper sauce.



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