Tasting Tips

Wine source step by step guide to tasting, evaluating and enjoying wine! Salud!  
Step 1: Appearance
Is it clear or cloudy- this can indicate if the wine is filtered or not.
Intensity- intense or pale
Colour- Red wines: Purple – ruby is a sign of youth. Orange–brown indicate age. White wines: yellow- green indicate youth, while gold notes indicate age.
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Step 2: Nose
Swirl the glass to release the aromas and then take a good sniff
Intensity- how powerful is the intensity of aromas? Expressive or closed?
Aromatic profile- what aromas can you find in the wine?
Step 3: Palate
Obviously the most important step! Swirl the wine all round your mouth and tongue, drawing a little air will help fully feel the flavours.
Sweetness: Sweet or dry, you will feel this on the tip of the tongue.
Alcohol: High levels of alcohol create a warm sensation in the mouth. Usually if a wine is very alcoholic (more than 14ºC ) then it should be drunk 2ºC lower recommended temperature.
Acidity: Gives life to the wine, and in some varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, it is a defining quality.
Astringency: Tannins located in skin of the grapes are responsible for creating the sensation of astringency, mainly felt in the gums.
Flavours: Similar to the aroma table, do you feel fruitiness, spiciness, herbiness…?
Length: Does the wine linger for a long or short time in the mouth?

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