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Name: Tipaume – Vigne Organique & Biodynamique
Address: Cerrillos, Rengo, Chile
Contact Name: Yves Pouzet
Contact Email:
Telephone Number: 56 (9) 6208 8347
Wine Maker: Yves Pouzet

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Tipaume – Vigne Organique & Biodynamique

In Tipaume, founded in 1996, the viticulture is very gentle and we use only organic and byodinamic principles, with the proper certification (IMO and Demeter). We like to say that we are 200% organic. Thanks to a deep root system that insure a natural alimentation, with all the minerality of the subsoil, we neither irrigate, nor fertilize the soils.

Our vineyard is planted with a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Merlot, Lacrima Cristi, and Viognier and in 2009 we added some Pinot Noir and Malbec. Our vines are planted at a high density (3000 per acre), and are 100% ungrafted.

In 2005, we finally built our underground winery "sous la maison". We do not use any pumping, fining, nor filtration, as everything is done by natural settlement and gravity. As a tribute to our Burgundy and Champagne heritage, we use special bottles, with the best corks available.


Wine cellar videos: Tipaume – Vigne Organique & Biodynamique

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