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Name: Viña Vik
Address: Viña VIK, Millahue, San Vicente de Tagua Tagua
Contact Email:,
Telephone Number: +562 2482218



Viña Vik

In 2006, Alexander Vik chose the best terroir with optimal climatic conditions for grape growing and purchases 4,325 hectares (10,688 acres) in Chile. The specific location chosen was the Millahue Valley, or “Place of Gold”, as named by the indigenous people, located on the north slope of Chile's Apalta Valley. Our vineyard, or “Place of Gold”, is located in the interior of the valley among innumerable gorges, offerering us a variety of unequaled terroir and small microclimates – each with distinct exposures and cooled by coastal breezes -- giving it the complexity sought after, assuring us that we are on track to reach our objective of producing the best wine in South America.

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